Re-Branding & Modernized Web Site

Client: Baxley Equipment


Prior to working with Creative, Baxley Equipment faced three main challenges in their web design needs:


All the brands needed to look like they were part of the same family while representing their distinct and already successful brands in the industry.


The goal was to bring prospects to their website to see the specific equipment they manufacture. They also wanted current clients to have a place to find other items they might need for any of their sawmill equipment upgrades.


Their image needed to match that they were staying current with all the most advanced optimization for efficiency and output in a sawmill.


Optimized SEO

Baxley Equipment is now performing not only for the Baxley name but also for the equipment they produce and service. They are ranking on keywords that actually result in clicks to their website, and those clicks are from people in their target audience who are in the process of a buy decision.

Equipment Listing

We created a specific equipment listing for Baxley Equipment’s 60+ products. Each piece of equipment has a dedicated page with photography of each product and features of the product. These pages are all optimized for SEO, which has produced a higher click through rate for prospective clients looking for sawmill equipment.

Page Load Time Decrease

Page load time is under 2 seconds, down from 4, even with more pictures and information on the site.

Click here to see why webpage load speed matters.

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