Annual Ongoing Maintenance & Hosting for Affiliates




One of our most popular website maintenance packages

12 months of website support and hosting with

You don’t have to submit tickets to 15 different plugin providers if something goes wrong.  If there’s a glitch in your site, reach out to us, and we’ll go to work on it for you. That means, we submit support tickets to your website host, theme provider, plugin creator, or we work on the issue for you.

Leave security threats and downtime in the dust. We give you 12 months of ongoing maintenance. That includes up-time monitoring to make sure an expert knows if your site goes down (even for a few seconds) and can find out what happened and make sure it gets fixed.

Our maintenance team blocks spam, installs security patches, updates of all plug-ins, themes, and wordpress, etc. multiple times a week. We’ll keep your website up and running smooth. 


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