"This team knows their stuff!"  - Kate Barton, Clearview Advisory

Launch It Right Website Course

Stage it

Build it

Test it

Launch it >>>

You Don't Need a Technical Degree to Build Your Website Right


The Step-by-Step WordPress Website Course

for non-technical people



No geek-speak and no man-splaining. You're a smart cookie, so we just talk plain. I've even run it all past my kindergarten teacher mom. 



You get the list of tools we use and where to find them. AND we give you templates. So, you can start using everything we teach you, right away.



A step-by-step process, with lots of checklists and budgets and testing plans. You can fill in the blanks, and get the same results again and again.

Are you ready to know more than "just enough to be dangerous"?

You can! And I can show you how.

Get Seen. Get Recognized. Get Results.

I See that Genius.

I SEe Your Genius.mp4

isn't it time the rest of the world did too?

Most people think if you get the words right on your website, you'll ✨automagically✨ get business results. The truth is, if you don't set your website up right, no one will ever see those words...or they'll leave before they get to the BEST part!

Technical website stuff shouldn't mask your brilliance. Your work deserves to be celebrated!

Nobody puts YOU in the corner.

Go from flying under the radar to high flying reviews.

I see headlines like these in your future.

Forbes 1
Guy Marketing Empire
Team of Dreamers

"You make it feel so simple to get it right."
- Amy Burgess, Beyond Motherhood

We Move Forward Together - in Sprints

Here's how the magic happens in the Launch it Right Website Course

4 Sprints - 6 Weeks - 1 Cohort of Business Builders

We start with introductions to your cohort, a project plan, and calendar. Then together, we launch right into our weekly sprints.

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Sprint 1 - Staging It Right

Completing a Budget Worksheet

Purchasing the Tools

Building a Sitemap

Choosing Domains, DNS, and Hosting Providers

Installing Themes, Plug-ins, and Integrations

Man at laptop doing marketing writing for website

Sprint 2 - Building It Right

Designing User Experience

Defining Hierarchy

Customizing the Theme

Inserting Graphics

Optimizing for Speed

stefan-stefancik-257625-unsplash-resized for web

Sprint 3 - Testing It Right

Checking Responsive Design

Delivery of Forms, Pop-ups, Downloadables

Integrating Emails

Adding Compliance

Business open online during Coronavirus

Sprint 4 - Launching It Right

Communicating Timelines

Inserting Metadata

Redirecting Links

Configuring Analytics

Measuring Results

And to Make Sure You're Completely Supported ????

You're Welcome - Tina

We've Got You Covered

We meet LIVE once a week via Zoom to help you troubleshoot and brainstorm every step of the way.


  • low-cost and no cost tools and resources to make every step easier
  • website templates built following the StoryBrand framework and designed for businesses just like yours
  • checklists and worksheets for planning, budgeting, designing, and testing
  • group chats for cohort feedback and more!

Imagine 6 Weeks From Now If You Could

Put the Message to Work

No more sunk costs! You spent time and money getting that message right. It can't work for you until it's live. Now's the time to put your message to work on your website, and we're making it easy.

Build More Sites - Make More $$$

You can build more sites, faster - with template designs and a process. Help more people while boosting your margin. What would your bottom-line look like if you could build 3 more sites this year?

Outshine Your Competition

Know the websites you're building will perform. You'll get better, measurable results when you build it right. That means more authority for your work. And you'll have numbers (and testimonials) to back it up!

Ground Control to Major YOU

Don't Let Your Marketing Message Get Lost in Cyber Space

Building Your Website Right, Means you can Avoid

Broken Links

Lost Traffic

Wonky Display

Slow Loading

Hours Researching

Budget Overruns

We'll Walk You Through How, Step-by-Step


Red pill or blue pill - It's time to choose.

Launch It Right_Course Preview

We're making it easy for you to say yes with our 6 month payment plan. If you need results before you pay-in-full, this is an easy way to make it happen.

Beta Monthly - $357/month for 6 mos

advice-advise-advisor-6385-resized for web

Pay-in-full now, and you get a BONUS! One FREE SEO audit of one site of your choosing. A $249 value.

Beta ALL Access Pass - $1,997

✨ Worth the Price of Admission ✨

Website templates based on the StoryBrand framework.
Ten templates ready now. More in the works, based on participant needs.

Just change the colors, text, fonts, icons, videos and photos.

Beta participants tell us what to design next. And we're only taking 15 peeps, so we can give every one extra love and attention. So grab a seat today! ????

"Tina and her team speak in a language I understand and spell out exactly what we're doing from point A to point B."
- Amanda Ballard, Nutrition World

Your Questions Deserve Some Answers

Your eyes are saying yes, but you just need to know...

We are recording the training for those who want to learn at their own pace or revisit modules. With the All Access training, we have a LIVE weekly training session once a week.

There is a suggested calendar you can follow to complete your website launch in 6 weeks. For those with the All Access package, we also have LIVE "office hours" each of the 6 weeks where we answer your questions on a Zoom call and help you troubleshoot if you get stuck. We can even do private breakouts if you need it! 

For ALL packages - once you're enrolled, you'll be connected with a community of people who are also participating in this course at the same time as you. Brainstorming, crowdsourcing, and creative feedback is encouraged between participants!

You don't have to be on WordPress right now, but this course is definitely about getting you there. This is NOT a course about WordPress, but that is the platform we use. When we give you a step-by-step plan, it will include loading WordPress to your site and using WordPress templates for design.

The cost of the course includes some great things including the learning, templates, checklists, cohort access, and more. However, it does not include the licenses for any photography, videography, fonts, icons, themes, plug-ins, builders, hosting, domain purchase, etc.

We have built a budget worksheet for the cost of every item you'll need to purchase. And the good news is, we're big on low-cost and no-cost resources. We'll share all we know about the best tools for the lowest cost.

Because licensing generally has ongoing costs associated with it, you usually incur an annual fee. You should plan to investment an additional $500 - $1,000/year, depending on what access you need to each of the tools we discuss in the course. 

You have access to the Launch it Right Website course content for LIFE! And since the material is recorded, you can rewatch any of the modules at any time.

We've estimated you'll spend about 5 - 10 hrs each week, both learning and doing. You may also want to spend extra time in the community. Our estimate is based on a simple site that is 1 - 5 pages in total.

However, you should realize by now that you're a lovely unicorn. ????  And that means your business and website probably are too. If your business is complicated or you are rebuilding an 80 page site or you have 120 products on your ecommerce site, you probably want to buckle in for a longer time commitment. The good news is, the process WILL STILL WORK! But each page or product or integration will take time, so prep for that.

Yes-siree! We use this training in-house to prep all of our website builders. This is THE WAY we do things, and it's an easy way to train others to keep things working the same way, EVERY TIME. If you're a process person, this is a ready-made website process you can follow.

???? To my fellow geeks...

Is there anything in here for you?

Why yes, I believe there is! Here's why. Process, process, process.

Yes, we've all been doing this for a long time. And sometimes we know how to do things without actually knowing why we do them or how we did them last time. 

There's always more than one way to do something. And yet - through the years, these are my tried and true processes for a team "sprint" from A to Z without forgetting the most important pieces.

So, if you're looking for a way to get faster at building websites, error free, this is a process you can adopt for yourself or a whole team. I like spending the bulk of the time getting creative, and this is a TIME SAVER!

The modules are searchable, AND you can feel free to skip what you already know. The templates and checklists are worth the prices of admission!

We'll walk you through most of the items you'll need before the start date of the course and throughout week 1, and you'll have time to pull those items together BUT...

Before you hit that buy button, you do need website copy. We will not be covering how to write copy in this course. We're assuming you have your message pulled together, and now you need to build or redesign your website to put that message to work for you. 

We also have templates that you can use. They do have sections that follow the StoryBrand messaging process. However, if you're wanting a custom look, it might be a good idea to consult a designer first. If you want to change the photos on our designs, you'll be pulling those elements together for yourself.

If you feel good about your design eye, great! We're going to give you a few low-cost and no-cost resources to shop new photos or drawings (icons) for your site.

If you're like me, and you buy the clothes directly from the mannequin to make sure you look right when you walk out the door, you might want to pull a designer into the process before you hit go.

Nope! It does not. StoryBrand has built an ah-may-zing online university to teach you exactly how to write copy for your product or service. You can find it at Business Made Simple.

They are also still holding virtual (and maybe Live?) events to walk you through the process with a coach! 

And, of course, you can hire a StoryBrand Certified Guide to work with you to put your copy together before you jump into building your website.

Here's the good news. You can use whatever theme and builder you want. Our methods are not exclusive to one theme or builder. It's about making sure your site is right.

However...(there's always a catch, right?)

When we show you how to get something right, we will be demonstrating using the Beaver Builder theme and builder. The same methods apply, but we won't walk you through where to find those windows and boxes and adjustments in other themes. We won't even know if some of the options are available with other themes and builders. So, you can use other tools, but we'll talk you through how to use the tools in our toolkit.

We WILL give you our specific list of tools and plug-ins that we use and how to access them. They are not the only themes, builders, or plug-ins that are useful, but they are the ones we trust and know how to use.

SWEET! If you have an SEO expert or team, you're ahead of the pack. 

This is NOT an SEO course, but it will make sure you don't destroy your SEO when you rebuild, redesign, or update your copy. 

Your SEO expert will be able to give you the keywords you need, when we get to on-page meta data.

???? Holy smokes! If you're asking what SEO, keywords, and on-page meta data is, no worries! We've got you covered in this course. No need to know that kind of nerdy stuff first. ????

I can talk nerdy to you, but I don't have to. We'll keep it simple and doable, while covering all the technical stuff that needs to get done to get it right.

"Tina taught us how to do the things that would be most beneficial with the quickest ROI. She wants website work to be accessible to everyone, and she teaches and offers the right tools that make that possible, quickly."
- Casey Fuerst, Tic Tac Toe Marketing

Stop Sabotaging Your Marketing Brilliance

with a website that doesn't technically work right

You write amazing and compelling copy. You design brilliant layouts. You build websites with frameworks you know will convert. But where are the results???

Clients either sit on the brilliance you've given them, and it never sees the light of day. OR worse, your work gets out into the interwebz, but there are technical website things that stifle traffic or conversions. And you don't even know it's happening!

You Belong Here ????
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It's time for the world to discover what you have to offer.


lAUNCH it right Website Course Starts April 2021


Shoot me your questions or anything that's worrying you about joining, and I'll get back to you on the double! We only want the right people in these seats, so we'll let you know if you're not a good fit. We only win if you do!

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