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Business Perspective is everything for immediate and long-term growth.

You know how I get excited about almost everything? Mostly, that’s good and fun for everyone. And yet, sometimes…

When I’m in the thick of things, trying to get stuff done, especially for my own business, I can get tunnel vision. And it gets worse when things feel stressful.

Economy Troubles

Right now, I’ve been hearing things are feeling a little weird, maybe stressful, for businesses like yours. People are taking forever to make a buy decision.

In the words of the political strategist, James Carville, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Or at least the feeling that we should be careful because something’s happening in the economy.

But don’t go into a worry vortex just yet. All is not outside of your control. You might need to get out of tunnel vision and glimpse the bigger picture to see the possibility for progress in spite of what’s happening in your world.

I always think it’s super cool (excited good 😃) when science tells me why I’m not making more progress, even when I’m busy as a bee trying to make things happen.

From one Huberfan to another (and if you’re not, just, why?!???)…

The good Dr. Huberman shared this on a podcast with Tim Ferris back in 2020. (Yes, okay, I’ve been amassing a Huberman library of references for years. Don’t judge me.)

“When we are stressed, or we are excited about something, our eyes literally change, the shape of our lense changes, and the information of the outside world that’s delivered to our bodies, changes…In other words, our internal state changes the way we see the world, whether we can see the big picture or we have a very contracted view of the world.”

I’m gonna take this a step further and say this happens when we’re busy getting things done. When we’re focused. Focusing and churning out the work gives us a very contracted view of what’s happening around us…in life and in our business. And before you know it, we’re busy bees barreling along in the struggle bus of business.

But wait, there’s hope –

And it’s all about expanding your vision or business perspective.

Expanding your perspective

What most people don’t realize about the connection between our internal state of mind and our ability to see the big picture is, it’s bidirectional.


Your internal state of stress and busy-ness can constrict your vision for sure. AND purposely broadening your vision can calm your internal state and give you perspective.

“If we expand our view of the world, literally force our visual field, to see ourselves IN the environment that we’re in, directing our attention to as wide a peripheral view as vertically and horizontally possible, to the point that you can see yourself within that view, you turn off the internal stress mechanisms that drive your body toward stress and constrict your vision.” – Dr Huberman


Wowza! Now that’ll preach!

Dr. H means your literal visual field. And man, if you’re in a state of stress, anxiety, and worry, you should try this. I’ve done it, and IT WORKS!


The same is true for your visual field of your business. If you’re doing “all the right things” but feel like you’re not making as much progress as you’d like, it’s time to expand what you’re looking at.

Direct your attention to as wide a peripheral view as possible, to the point that you can see your business within that view. And that will deactivate your busy-ness, and keep you out of what Mike Michalowicz calls the survival trap. Where you’re busy and accidentally headed to the wrong destination.

Dr. Huberman continued, “Constantly placing our experience into a larger context, helps us create perspective.”

That sounds amazing, Tina, but what does that look like IRL?

Thank you for asking!

Strategic Marketing Assessment for Business Perspective

In the world of marketing and websites, the practical way to expand our business view is a strategic online business assessment. And that just means doing some analysis around what you look like online and comparing that to what your best customers say about you, where your competitors are winning, and what is happening in your industry and in the world.

You can do this yourself for sure! Frameworks abound. (For example, try the Pumpkin Plan. Lots of free resources there. My favorites? The Top Client Assessment and Client Wish List Interviews. Start there.)

But if you’ve had enough of the DIY strategy, visioning, and marketing roadmapping, we can help.

👉 Click – I WANT A Strategic Assessment and Marketing Roadmap Done For ME!

You’ll get perspective on where you are, and what efforts are most likely to supercharge your growth.

Whether you use our services or not, getting business perspective is always a good idea.

I guarantee it will get you to a destination you like faster than digging in and staying busy. And like they say in the Hokey Pokey, “that’s what it’s all about.”

Here’s to growing profits faster, so you can do more life!

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p.s. – watch a snippet of Dr Huberman’s Tim Ferris podcast here.

p.p.s. Call me 🤙, and we’ll get you some business perspective (plus a roadmap to growth) stat!

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