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Is ChatGPT the cure? 🧠


If you’re reading this because of the title…

A number one – yay me!

B number two – Spoiler alert, ChatGPT is NOT the best answer for brain fog. Turns out cardio exercise is (see below). And yet…

I was wading through some few hundred online customer reviews for one of our clients the other day. And everything started to blur together.

Did the customers use the words knowledgeable or expert more often? Vitamins or supplements? Natural or holistic? Rewards program or membership?

This is the perfect example of looking at something too close for too long – you can read that article here.

ChatGPT was not the answer

My blurry vision reminded me of a recent podcast with Dr. Peter Attia. He stated cardio exercise is the number one correlated solution for brain fog AND long-term mental health. Tons of research around that. He also mentioned your VO2 max and grip strength are the greatest predictors of longevity. But I digress…

What I should have done is gotten out of my seat and gone for a run, gazing at the horizon. What I did instead was pop those reviews into ChatGPT. I asked it to unfog my brain.

Okay, specifically, I entered the following prompt:

Act as a marketing manager and review the following online customer reviews for a local health products store in city, state. Specifically provide 1. a 7 – 10 word core message – make it emotional, 2. the problem the store solves for its customers in their own words, 3. a list of 15 keywords that appear in the reviews again and again, 4. a list of 10 questions we should answer for customers like these to prompt them to visit the store. 5. Identify the major themes expressed in these reviews.

How did it turn out?

The core message was boring. And yes, I did try to have further conversation with the bot so it could learn and generate new options. In the end, it lapsed into something like, “Is that as emotional as you can get? I need you to make me cry, D.A.R.Y.L.!” I have to give the bot a name or there’s no realistic interaction. If you’re a child of the 80s, you get me.

But the rest of the information D.A.R.Y.L. gave me was pretty helpful. Especially the major themes.

What will we do with those themes? We’ll probably turn those into promises from the store to their clients. And we’ll definitely use them to create an FAQs section. But most of all, we’ll start writing cornerstone content around those topics to kickstart their organic traffic.

And in the end, their target audience will probably think we’re reading their minds.

Now I’m gonna go for a run, because a healthy heart = a healthy mind. And someone’s gotta come up with a real core message that people can feel.

Here’s to creating content that connects, so you can grow your profits and do more life!

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