Too Close For Too Long- How Myopia Can Effect Your Business

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Have you ever heard of myopia?


A few years ago, I asked some people who knew me best, what they thought made me unique.

One person said, “You’re able to pinpoint the heart of a problem and zero in on the most important piece of it.”

Another said, “You can take something complex and simplify it, so it’s easy for others to understand. What’s unique is that you really care that it makes sense, it’s like a drive.”

I’m not sharing this because I want you to think I’m cool.

I’m sharing this because, in spite of others believing I “see things clearly,” I still find it difficult to pinpoint roadblocks in my own business.

You can’t read the label when you’re sitting inside the jar. – Mike Maddock, Plan D, How to Dream, Drive, and Deliver, Lessons for the World’s Most Successful Disruptors

I often need outside perspective for my own “stuff.”

Dr. Andrew Huberman reviewed some recently published research that shows, if you “look at things too close for too many hours per day, you become myopic.”

Myopic = near-sighted, lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight.

He was talking about our literal vision, but as I listened, I thought, wow, that’s the same with life circumstances as well.

If I’m constantly looking too closely, at the day-to-day, I become myopic.

With myopic vision, it turns out, we can offset and sometimes even reverse myopia by going outside and looking at things from a distance for 2 hours or more each day.

With my business, most days I need help to see the bigger picture, so I focus on things from a distance for a while each day. When I do that, I offset (sometimes even reverse!) my myopia (say that 3 times fast).

If you want help looking at your business from a distance…if you’re ready for some fresh imagination, foresight, and insight to grow…

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And who doesn’t want immediate growth?

Here’s to growing your profits so you can do more life!

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