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Worry Free

Never worry! You don’t have to think about whether or not your clients or potential customers can access your site. We have uptime monitoring. Don’t put your domain expiration on your calendar. We automatically notify you to renew. Don’t fret about recovering any data if you accidentally delete something. We do daily back-ups. Don’t stress about hackers or viruses. We’re on constant security patrol. You don’t even need to update your software. We’ve got it handled.

Fast Access

Don’t lose another potential client! Most people abandon a site that takes longer than 4 seconds to load. We optimize all your content and fancy design. (We even keep it looking fancy!) Then we work our cloud voodoo, and we build a little magic into our servers. And presto-chango, your site loads in less than 3 seconds.

Concierge Service

Having website trouble? You deleted your home page? Locked out of WordPress? Emails not being received? Believe it or not, we’ve heard it all! Send us a note or call us right up. We’ll put on our white gloves and deerstalkers. We make sure you get fast and customized service, while we get to the bottom of your issue. Many times, the problem is not related to your website. But we can usually figure out how to get you sorted.

Before we signed up for the website maintenance plan, we had scripts injected into our site from malware. Creative alerted us of the problem before we were even aware. We became a client, and they fixed the issue within hours.

Nan HeeClearview Advisory

I had a website issue that I had caused, and these guys had my site back up and running within 15 minutes of my call. Couldn't ask for faster or better service.


What You Get

< 3 Second Load Speed

Speed kills…your website traffic. Hosting on our servers gives you a speed guarantee! Is that important? Well, every second in load speed increases the number of people abandoning your site. YIKES! How do we do it? We compress your images, give you access to a CDN, and minify all your java script. Say What? No worries. That’s why you have us.

Managed Website Hosting

Many hosting providers are reactive with server updates. You might see something strange on your site. A call to your provider causes a change. We stay on the forefront of server performance. As an example, we use PHP7. Why? Well, speed. And WordPress recommends it. Other providers, not so much. We believe PHP7 is a must.

Daily Backups

Because there are so many oops! moments in life. Knowing we have your web content from yesterday stored in a secure location means a lot more phews and a lot less uh-ohs. Any mistakes, any hacks, any technical glitches are no problem. We can restore yesterday’s version of your site in minutes.

Website Updates

Security patches and functionality releases for wordpress, themes, and plug-ins are an almost daily occurrence. We take care of all software, theme and plug-in updates. We run these while you sleep, and we make sure your website still looks and functions correctly, after the work is done.


Your website can lose 95% of traffic if blacklisted by Google due to security issues. Get our website maintenance plan security triple-threat. 1. A Free SSL Certificate. 2. Redundant anti-virus scanning systems. 3. Malware scanning, alerts and resolution with software programmers.

Uptime Monitoring

Making sure your website is working all the time is money. That’s why we make sure we are alerted immediately if you site is ever down. It’s monitored from multiple locations around the globe. We receive alerts when anything goes wrong, and that’s when we go to work.

On-Call & Troubleshooting

When you think something might be wrong with your website, you can call us or shoot us a message, and we’re on it. We take your website business as personally as you do. That’s why we have so many proactive alerts to possible problems. If you do have an issue, we’re available to troubleshoot and get you back up and running.

Additional Plug-in Access

From web forms to terms & conditions, we have licenses to plug-ins that you need. That means you don’t have to pay annual fees for some of the biggest plug-ins that keep your website working properly. With our website maintenance plan, you get access to our developer plug-in library for free.

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