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From Crickets ???? to Clients

Uncover the hidden reasons your website isn't working, and how to fix them.
psst - it's not your message!

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Tina Smith Crickets to Clients

In just 90 minutes, you'll go from feeling frustrated to validated as we get your website working for you instead of against you.

If I were a betting kind of gal, I'd bet big on a few things about you. You have...

Developed an Amazing Product or Service

You believe your product or service could make a big difference in the lives of anyone who buys it.

Spent Time and Money on Your Message

Maybe you even followed a "proven framework" that promised to give you 10 times your investment.

Gotten Less Than Stellar Results

You were sure you nailed that message. When you put it on your website, all you heard was crickets. 

???? (*chirp*chirp*) ????


If that sounds like you, you're in the right place! I'm going to walk you through the reasons your website isn't working. And I'm going to give you low-cost and no-cost tools to fix them.

And then that message you've worked so hard to get right will start automagically getting you results.

Ready to turn those crickets into clients? Let's do this!

"I implemented the things you suggested and I saw a difference right away. Like within 24 hrs. So, the things that you suggest are really, really worthwhile."

- Geraldine Carter, She Thinks Big Coaching

"Build it, and they will come"
they said...

So you did it. You honed your marketing message, and you put it on your website. The story is compelling, yet honest. Funny, but credible. Emotional, and still inviting. And you're just waiting for the visitors to come rolling in.

But something is wrong. The site just isn't getting the traffic or conversions you were anticipating or felt like you were promised.

You've checked and rechecked your story formula.
You've tweaked the headline, and the CTA, and changed out the graphics.
You've phoned a friend, used your get out of jail free card, and prayed to the interwebs gnomes.
It SHOULD be working, but the increase in traffic just isn't happening.
But Why

Why Isn't This Working?

In my travels as website builder, former StoryBrand guide, and marketer, I've encountered this story more times than I can count.  Let me guess: Right about now you're thinking or feeling one or more of these things:

You failed at messaging, and you have to go back to the drawing board.
Online Marketing is Voodoo.
You wasted a ton of money for another marketing process that doesn't work.
My product is a unicorn, and nobody is going to get it no matter how I frame it.

Let me stop you right there because your messaging is not the problem. Maybe I need to repeat that. 

Messaging is not your problem

"We're on Wix, and we still saw leads the very next day after we made the website updates you told us to make. Amazing."

- Andrew Tvardzik, Cedar Ridge Log Homes & Construction

So, What's the Problem?

The problem. Here it is. Are you ready?

(Drumroll, please.) ????

The truth is that I struggled through these roadblocks the good old fashioned way - through trial and error. It took me a lot of time, late nights, and let's face it - even a few tears - to clear them. I wondered if I had squandered my time and my budget on the training courses, or just wasn't cut out for this.

What I found along this journey is that no matter how good your messaging framework is, there are some technical pieces to your website that absolutely will keep your message from working if they're not executed correctly.

You absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, ignore SEO.
Your site cannot be slow.
Usability is Everything!

Ok, now that I've totally freaked you out by using words like "SEO" and "Usability" (hellfire!), let me put your mind at ease. You don't need a ton of technical expertise to execute these pieces correctly. You just need concise non-tech-speak instruction and a toolbox filled with the right tools. In a nutshell, this course contains the guidance I wish I'd had for all those late nights before I learned what I know now.


Been on Zoom lately? "Uh, I think you're on mute."

Here's How We Help You Get Your Website Off Mute

Grab it

Grab your copy of the course.

Watch it

Watch the lessons at your pace, on your schedule.

Do it

Draw on my favorite tools, processes, and checklists to get that website converting!

WARNING: Don't Take This Course If You're Looking for the Following:

Ok, so having walked a few miles in shoes that look a LOT like yours, lemme save you some time.

This Course Is NOT...

I know what you might be thinking at this point. (I know. It's like I'm living in your brain rent free, right? *creepy*) But seriously, the last thing I want to do is waste your time. So, here are some things this course is NOT:

not a drawn out pitch that leads to expensive subscription or add on that purports to solve the problem.
NOT a pitch for an alternative messaging framework you're using.
NOT a months-long meditation journey to the inner sanctum of your mind or tell you to write a million 700 word blog posts.
NOT a long, boring instructable that never really gets to the point or gives you real tools to go out and implement.
NOT yet another course that will suck your budget and schedule dry, with no net impact on your business.
NOT a how-to-message your product or service course.

But Most of All, This Course Is Not a Bunch of Technical Mumbo Jumbo You Won't Understand Without a PhD or Technical Degree.

sneak peak

Behind the Scenes

Sneak Peak the Goods

What It's Worth

The Lessons

90 plus minutes of video lessons - $487 value of a one-on-one presentation of these materials.

  • The content is broken down into the top 3 sections, each containing the top 3 reasons websites don’t get results.
  • Each lesson is around 5 minutes or less, so you can quickly watch one lesson at a time and implement what you’ve learned, or you can watch the entire course in one setting.
  • The entire course is around 90 minutes of content. Just make sure to build in time to implement what you’ve learned.
  • In section one, we’ll cover why people aren’t getting to the content on your website in three lessons.
  • In section two, we’ll uncover key content you’re missing that is keeping your audience from engaging and converting in 6 lessons.
  • In section 3, we’ll walk you through how the content you’re using might not be right for your specific audience in 6 lessons.

You get forever access to your training videos. Watch them as many times as you want.

The Tools

Tools & Cheatsheets to Get the Job Done - $797 value - Saving you hours of time in research and paying for tools that don’t get the job done.

Each lesson comes with a list of low cost or no cost tools to make the adjustments we’re suggesting.

You’ll also have access to checklists, how-to worksheets, and video companions showcasing some of the tools we recommend.

You’ll walk away with a list of concrete actions that you can act on right away. No additional technical training or hefty new purchases required. Just good old-fashioned results.

The Group

Access to the community - Mastermind groups charge thousands of dollars for access to peers.

Connect with people just like you who are working through the same content.

Get a response from our expert website team about questions you have as you do the work we recommend.

Share insights with peers and ask questions about business or websites in general and get responses from people working to grow, just like you.

Get Over $3,000+ in Value

for only $47

Extra Value Worth $997+

Bonus Content: Exclusive Interviews

And if the information above wasn't enough, these interviews are worth the price of the entire course and more. This is not a messaging course, but I did sit down with some of my favorite StoryBrand Guides and get the 411 on the biggest issues they see with messaging on websites like yours. You get access to that exclusive content with this course. If you paid for their time to ask these questions yourself, it would cost thousands of dollars. It’s included here for FREE.

Preview our BONUS StoryBrand Guide Interviews Here

& More Coming Soon

What I AM here to offer are

Some Seriously Useful Tips & Tools

That's right! You'll get no-cost and low-cost but effective tools that will help you achieve the results you want with the framework and messaging you're already using. Here's what we'll cover:

A plain-language breakdown of each potential problem. That means no geek speak.
Clear, actionable instruction teaching you how to fix each one.
The resources you'll need to clear the barriers - like checklists, product links, and cheat sheets.
Plus - who to call when it's more technical than you want to deal with.

And Who Are You?

I get it. You're probably wondering who in the world I am trying to tell you what to do.

Let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm Tina Smith. I'm the Mis-Chief Executive Officer of Creative, LLC, a website agency getting outsized results for small businesses. I am the artist formerly known as a StoryBrand certified guide and live coach working with hundreds of businesses crafting messages that convert.

I know small businesses change faster than a website gets designed. I realized business owners, content writers, and designers, needed a way to build and make adjustments to WordPress websites on the fly. That's why I decided to make complicated WordPress website stuff feel easy for all of us non-nerds in the herd.

My team and I want every business owner, content writer, and designer to get your website projects across the finish line without googling away all your time. And once they’re launched, we believe your time and money are too precious of a resource not to produce an ROI.

Our Creatives believe your business exists to solve problems for people who need you. We’re here to help you unlock the power of the work you’ve already done. So you can solve the right problems, grow good business, and get the online results you’ve always wanted.

"You make it feel so simple to get it right!"  - Amy Burgess, Beyond Motherhood

"You make it feel so simple to get it right!"

- Amy Burgess, Beyond Motherhood

You've Still Got Questions

We've Got Answers

Let's Dig in...

All of the course content is pre-recorded and available on demand. You can watch at any time and at any place that works for you.

There is no time limit to complete the course.

You'll have access to a group of your peers where you can ask questions, share insights, and celebrate wins. Our team of website experts also monitors the community, and we'll be right there to help you out or point you to a resource who can.

  • No additional purchase is required from Creative, LLC to get you to your results. Once you’ve purchased the course, you’re all paid up with us. Most of the tools we recommend are free or low cost.
  • As a courtesy to our students, we do recommend additional partner services which you may be interested in, such as managed hosting. However, there is absolutely no obligation to retain those services if you don’t need them.

While we have seen the recommendations in this course work time and time again for our clients, we want to ensure your success. If you’ve watched all of the course materials and implemented the course strategies and tactics, please reach out. It’s likely that we will be able to get you back on track. And if not, we’ll work with you to make it right.

While this course is designed to help enhance your success using several popular messaging frameworks, this is not, in and of itself, a messaging course.

No worries, here. You’ll be in just the right place at the right time to learn the pitfalls that many new sites experience, so you can avoid them straight off the bat.

The strategies taught in this course are not exclusive to WordPress sites.

This course is designed for everyone who has a website or plans to create one. Even if you haven’t studied a formal messaging framework, you’ll be able to understand and make use of all solutions offered in the training.

I’ve worked with many talented StoryBrand Guides, and I believe their services are worth every penny. Enrollees will gain access to a list of guides I’ve worked with, and you can also do your own search for a StoryBrand Certified Guide near you.

"Tina makes it so easy to understand how to get from point A to point B without speaking geek. I understand where we're going and how to get there." - Amanda Ballard, Marketing Manager, SENPA

"Tina and her team speak in a language I understand and spell out exactly what we're doing from point A to point B."

- Amanda Ballard, Director of Marketing at SENPA© a non-profit natural products trade association.

One Last Question...If you're anything like me you're thinking

Why ANOTHER Class????

You're juggling a lot of priorities, and you're wondering how you can possibly fit in another class, amirite? But don't worry. I've got you covered. The entire course is designed with busy people like you in mind. 

Lessons are broken down into three primary sections.
Each section includes bite-sized video lessons that are less than 7 minutes each.
Watch on the go as you brush your teeth or driving to the dog park - whatever fits your schedule.
Accessible for life, in case you need to make site updates down the road.

Just one 90 minute class

And You Can Kiss Those Crickets Goodbye

Who's chirpin' now?

Tina Smith Crickets to Clients

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