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How to Successfully Manage the Dip to Create a Delightful Customer Journey

Creating a delightful customer journey can feel impossible sometimes. But we can get closer to hitting that mark by learning from the learning community. Learning and the Customer Journey I’m learning that learning is hard! We recently launched a beta version of our website course. At the same time, I’ve joined a cohort of other…
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Jackpot SEO Tool – More Clicks With My New Favorite by CoSchedule? Yes, Please!

SEO Tool Fan Girl Here I’m a fan of any tool that makes SEO ranking easier. (Let’s be honest. I’m a fan of any tool that makes life easier.) And anyone who’s given it a go can tell you, SEO can get really complicated, really quickly. I’m a firm believer that sharing is caring, so…
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3 FREE SEO Tools you Should be Using to Improve Organic Traffic

So, you want to increase your organic traffic, but you don’t want to spend a load of cash? I get it! I’m a small business owner too. That’s why a lot of small business owners spend an hour with me, so I can give them a list of things to do to start heading in…
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How Yoast Just Made Your SEO Life Easier with Schema Markup

I’m all about the free tools that make life easier for business owners just like you and me. And I’ve always been a fan of the Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress. They have a free version that we use on EVERY client’s website. In some situations, I encourage clients to purchase the premium/paid version. For…
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Business Resources During COVID-19

Small business growth fuels the stability and growth of our economy. Back in March, small and mid-sized business investment venture capitalist Sir Steven Wilkinson said, “All net growth in the US economy is in small business scaling.” He was citing research on the impact small businesses have on the economic growth in the US. And it wasn’t…
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Lesson in Sales: How to Win with a Strong Call to Action

A strong call to action can mean the difference between winning and losing the deal. And that’s just one part of a strong sales process. Take a look below for a story about one company who is serving more customers and closing more deals because they are getting their sales process right. And here’s a…
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Eliminate Sticker Shock for the First Time and Close More Deals

Ready to close more business? I changed something recently in the way I talk about the results of our services, and I saw an immediate increase in the number of sales we closed. Now, don’t judge. When I tell you what I did, you might think this is obvious and wonder why I hadn’t been…
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Contractions In Business Writing? And Other Marketing “Faux Pas”

Why Breaking Writing Rules Can Grow Your Business Today I had a client, a professional writer, ask me about having contractions in their brand story document. It sparked thoughts about other technical writing faux pas we regularly use in marketing. (Gasp!) What’s right and what’s wrong? And how do we know it’s okay to break…
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The 5 Most Important Things You Need in a Web Hosting Provider

Website Tips from Creative Cat Last Saturday, Creative Cat shared the Top 5 Things You Need from a Web Hosting Provider. If you missed Creative Caturday, on our Instagram channel, don’t worry. We’ve put her list together for you here. #1 – Free web hosting   When we tell people they should be getting free…
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Give Me One Reason To Like You

 Craft a compelling business video story! “If People Like You, They’ll Listen To You.  If People Trust You, They’ll Do Business With You.” – Zig Ziglar You started a business or joined a team because there was something compelling about what the company had to offer and in the way they offered it.  You…
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5 Business Reasons for Video Marketing

5 Business Reasons for Video Marketing Wondering what all the fuss is over video marketing? Creative has put together the top reasons to start! 1. High SEO Rankings Google Loves Video! Websites with Video are 53X More likely to land on the first page of a Google search. And results begin to appear in mere…
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How to Make a “How To” Video

If you’re looking to add video to your inbound marketing toolbox, the best bang-for-your-buck content is a series of “How To” videos. You know those times when you need to learn how to do something right now or you need help to do it a better way… You pick up your iPhone and search for the right YouTube…
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Adding Video to Your Content Strategy

Including video in your marketing schedule is an easy way for potential clients to get to know who you are quickly and how you can help make their lives better. People do business with people, not companies. Types of video to include in your strategy: How-To Videos: Take viewers through the ins and outs of how…
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