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I watched Maverick a few weeks ago. By the end of it I was convinced of two things.

1. I need Jennifer Connelly’s anti-aging routine.

2. Maverick is the ONLY guy who knows how to feel his way to the fastest flying times in the worst conditions. Everyone else has to see him do it first. Then they know it’s possible.

And that’s kind of how it feels being a business owner. There’s definitely intuition involved. I have plenty of woo that I call on daily.

*Woo in this situation refers to unseen guidance in and outside of myself, not the Strength on my Strength Finders Assessment list.

And at the same time, I’m tired of trying to be “the Maverick” when it comes to budgeting.

Profit First makes budgeting much easier. But, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, it lumps quite a few line items into that pesky Operating Expense line.

After a few years of following the simple formula, like my friend Ariel, I want more…

Here‘s why.

I’ve realized that in order to GROW my business, I actually have to market my business.

I know, I know! You’re probably thinking, “you are a marketing company, and you don’t even believe in marketing?!???”

No, that’s not true. I 💯 believe in the power of marketing to give your business an ROI.

I’ve just felt too busy doing work for other people to market my own business. On top of that, and this might be a woman thing, but it feels like buying yourself a new pair of Miu Miu shoes when someone else in the family needs something.

Okay, that’s a horrible analogy. Miu Mius will probably not make my life exponentially better.

Except, you can see how fab I might look in these, right?


So, it’s more like buying yourself that annual yoga membership when someone in the family needs or even wants something. That’s the same kind of girl guilt I feel about spending money on marketing my own business.

How weird is that?

Super weird because it turns out, not marketing or even not spending enough on marketing your business can kill it!

If you’re anything like me, and you

👉 feel weird about spending money to market your business…


👉 maybe you feel fine about it, but you’re just not sure how much you should spend to really see growth…


👉 you’re tired of trying to Maverick a marketing budget based on your gut…

this video’s for you.

I’m so excited to sit down and talk with my girl Karen Brunke, owner of StoryMap Marketing. Not only is she a StoryBrand certified guide, but she also used to manage the marketing and marketing budget for The World of Coca-cola.

In this interview with Karen, we cover how much a small business should budget for marketing in order to see real growth. Not only that, she gives us a simple formula to follow for how to allocate that budget to give you the biggest bang for your buck.



I think it’s clear to all of us that I’m no financial Maverick. That’s why I find experts like Karen to show me what can be done, so I can believe it’s possible AND profitable. Then I know I can do it for myself. And you can too!

Here’s to growing your business, so you can do more life!

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p.s. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals! And Happy Holidays to all! 🤶

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