Getting The Right Marketing Message To Your People

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Are you reaching the right people with your marketing message? 

Let me set the scene…

You walk into a stuffy, overheated elevator in a bustling downtown building. Although there is another rider in the elevator, you push the button to the 14th floor and face forward minding your own business. As the elevator rises and begins to take off, you hear a loud thud. 

The elevator stops abruptly mid-floor and you are stuck. 🚨 

As the panic sets in, you turn to face the other passenger and recognize their familiar face. It just so happens they’re your client. 

You are stuck in an elevator with your client! 

Once the realization is made, do you:

A.) Feel relieved to be braving this emergency with such a familiar pal; or 

B.) Feel like Tom Hanks in the elevator scene of You’ve Got Mail – ready to break up once you’re rescued?

No. I did not get stuck in an elevator this weekend with a client, but I do know what option I would choose.

Developing Relationships with Your Clients

One recommendation, that was given to me by a wise mentor, was “Don’t do business with anyone you wouldn’t want to be stuck in an elevator with!” Thanks, Greg! 

I have held true to that piece of advice and I believe it will make a huge difference in your business, too.

Developing relationships with a handful of people that you like, trust, and who understand your boundaries, will become more valuable to your business than any sales pitch! 

Afterall, if you are niched properly and you have fostered relationships with the right people, YOUR PEOPLE, then you can make big money by working less and doing more life! 

I talk about this and so much more on the “It’s Just Business Podcast” with Dana Dowdell and Russ Harlow. 

Listen here 🎧⬇️

The most influential information to market your business will come from your best clients! So, make the time to hear their feedback and use it to shape your message. 

Your business will thank you!

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