My Objections to Profit First in my Marketing Business

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Having objections to using Profit First? Believe it or not, so did I!


I spent a week in October with a marketing mastermind group of extremely smart business owners.

You might be wondering what world problems we solved. And the answer is, SIX is one of the most fun new shows on Broadway.

Don’t be bamboozled by marketing tactics like, “longest running show in NYC.”

That alluring line will land you in a show with 10 people in the audience (half is your group) who are so confused by the end of the play that the theatre hands you a 2-page answer key as you leave. #truestory

Talk about a well-crafted tagline. We bought it hook, line, and sinker. And I’m just saying, don’t fall for it!

We redeemed our Broadway adventures by purchasing last minute seats for SIX, the story of the six wives of Henry VIII, as told by the wives while performing a pop concert. Pure Gold! Highly recommend!

So, why am I telling you about a Broadway musical?

It’s because it helped me work through some of my mindset roadblocks to wisdom given to me by my fellow marketing business owners earlier that day.

No, the musical wasn’t analogous to business life.

It was pure entertainment.

But it was exactly what I needed to turn my “No, that won’t work for me,” reactions to business advice, into, “you know what, I think you’re right.”

I needed to walk away from work to get perspective on my work.

That happened to me multiple times during the week. Sometimes it was taking a walk. Sometimes it was taking a shower. And yes, sometimes it was doing something purely fun.

When I see something working for someone in their business, many times my first thought is, that won’t work for me. And then I come up with a list of objections just so I can further dig in and convince myself that I’m right.

That’s exactly what I did when I first tried implementing Profit First in my business. And this week, I figured I would share my biggest Profit First objections with you.



But of course, it turned out that my No didn’t actually mean no. It just meant I needed time to open my mind to the possibilities that it could work for me.

Whether you’re thinking about implementing Profit First or there’s something else that a wise person has challenged you to do to grow…

If your first answer is no…

It’s a great idea to take a break. Do something fun. Don’t think about your business at all!

Then come back to the idea and see if you’re more open to giving it a try.

We adults could definitely use a few more “time outs” in our lives. Give yourself permission to take it and see what happens. It might just unlock your best business move of the year!

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p.s. if you haven’t seen what we learned from our visit to see Mike Michalowicz in Jersey, you can read about it here. He challenged us big time! And I think his biz advice can help you grow too, so you can own a business you love while you do more life!


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