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Building and giving trust is not always easy, but there is a reason they are called experts!

A couple of months ago I stepped onto my back deck, and my foot started to go through the boards.

I immediately called for professional help. These guys are highly referred, and I’ve seen their work in action. So, I trust what they can do.

When they were looking at the boards on my deck, they suggested we use a different size board. The main contractor was explaining to me why he would recommend using the other board size.

After his full description, he said, “you know what I mean?” And I said, “not really.” 😬 😂

Then his teammate stepped in and said, “what he means is, with the other board size, there’s less chance for moisture and rot over the years, as long as you maintain it.”

Ginger Cookie Alert! If you read last week’s blog, you’ll know what I mean.

Moisture and rot was the exact problem I had with the deck at that moment.

Light bulb! 💡 The outcome of using different sized boards solved the problem I was having so I didn’t have to experience it again. So after making sure their alternative was up to code (possible objection), I agreed to their recommendation.

These guys have decades of experience with these kinds of jobs. They know the details of how it all works. I appreciated the full explanation of why things work they way they do. It gave me more confidence that they knew what they were talking about.

BUT, and this is key for all of our businesses, the tipping point for me to move forward with their recommendation was the beneficial outcome.

4 Steps to Closing the Deal

To recap – there were four steps to closing the deck deal.

  1. They were highly recommended for similar services that I saw at the homes of people I know. (social proof with evidence)
  2. Their full explanation gave me confidence that they knew what they were doing. (authority)
  3. They had me at “less chance for moisture and rot.” (outcome/benefit/ginger cookies!)
  4. The deal was sealed by ensuring me the job would be up to building codes in my area. (overcoming possible objections)

All of these steps required building a relationship and trust before I was willing to move forward.

To make a long story longer…😂

The good news for all of us is that it doesn’t take decades in our businesses to figure out the meaningful parts for each step in our customer’s journey. It takes conversations with the right customers.

I have 2 resources for you this week to help you find the key points you need to communicate to build evidence, authority, outcomes, and overcome objections. That way you get to “yes,” from the right people, a LOT faster!

#1- I visited Mike Michalowicz in his New Jersey hometown last week and got business growth tips from the man himself! Find out what I learned in this video.

#2- Donna Leyens with Pumpkin Plan Your Biz is hosting a bootcamp, starting 11/1 next week, to help you find and communicate your value to your ideal audience. It’s FREE, and you can register for it here.

Here’s to growing your business without working harder, so you can DO MORE LIFE!

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