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Do you ever feel like you go 15 rounds in the ring with a concept?!?!??

Pricing has been that thing for me.

I’ve definitely felt like the Italian Stallion in the ring with Apollo Creed at the end of Rocky. Knocked down for the count. My internal monologue saying, “stay down” like Mickey in the coach’s corner.

Pricing is Figureoutable

But my friend Geraldine Carter with She Thinks Big Coaching said, in order to figure out pricing, you have to start believing “this is figureoutable.” Genius!

So I went to figuring.

And when I say figuring, I mean, I watched Rocky II.

And I realized two things.
1. I dress almost exclusively in Rocky’s training gray sweats now. **Twinning.** 😬


2. I decided, “I ain’t goin’ down again,” just like ole Rock in the final fight with Apollo.

And in my wild attempt to chase the pricing chicken (if you haven’t seen Rocky II in a while, I highly recommend a rewatch…don’t you dare say you haven’t seen it!), I figured out this was figureoutable with stuff I already use.

Using Run Like Clockwork and Profit First for Pricing

Enter Profit First and Run Like Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz. I think these two are the perfect pair to have in your pricing corner. Because I believe Profit First can tell you when you might have a pricing problem. And Clockwork can help you be sure.

If you feel like pricing’s got you on the ropes, watch my YouTubes on using Profit First as your pricing warning sign.

Using tools from the Michaloverse and a few of our own wits, this is totally figureoutable. And I have a feeling someday very soon you’ll be writing me back saying, “Yo, Adrienne, I did it!”

I believe in us. I believe we can build more profitable businesses without working so hard.

Check it out and lemme know if using Profit First works for you too.

p.s. – You don’t have to be perfect at Profit First for it to work for your business. Check out this article about doing what’s doable with Profit First.
p.p.s. – Want a website partner so you can grow profitable business without working harder? We might be your gals. Let’s chat and see how we can help you grow.

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