Embracing Winter: The Season for Assessing and Planning

Tennessee River Valley view from hike

Let me tell you why winter is the perfect time for assessing your business and planning for the future… When I was younger, winter was my least favorite season. It was Bare. Boring. Sad. Lonely. Dark. Still. And cold. You might understand my disdain for the season since I’m a 7 on the enneagram (an…

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Just say no – Strategies for Saying No to clients you love

Growing up in the 80s, I remember Nancy Reagan’s campaign to keep us off drugs. The slogan was, let’s say it together… “JUST SAY NO.” Catchy, right? Easy to remember, as we’re demonstrating here. Great for putting on a button. But I do wonder how practical it was. Thinking back, I don’t remember any tactics…

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Getting The Right Marketing Message To Your People

Are you reaching the right people with your marketing message?  Let me set the scene… You walk into a stuffy, overheated elevator in a bustling downtown building. Although there is another rider in the elevator, you push the button to the 14th floor and face forward minding your own business. As the elevator rises and…

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Niche Your Services to Grow

Niche your services to grow and watch the amazing opportunities that blossom!   So, I bought this miter saw. Before I even bought my house, I bought a miter saw. I had no where to put it, so I sent it to my sister’s house. There was a TikTok about putting a wood frame around an…

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Trusting The Experts

Building and giving trust is not always easy, but there is a reason they are called experts! A couple of months ago I stepped onto my back deck, and my foot started to go through the boards. I immediately called for professional help. These guys are highly referred, and I’ve seen their work in action.…

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What Life Taught me About Profit in my Business

Tina calculating pricing for profit in business

Life can teach you a lot. Here’s what life taught me about profit in my business. Crazy Things Happen in 3s It’s been a little over a year. And when I talk about it, I still get all the fight or flight feelings in my body. Mom had a heart attack. My 18 yr old…

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Why I Still Use Hourly Pricing

Hourly pricing – very controversial I’ve done a lot of controversial things lately. Let me share some obvious examples. 1. It’s 90 degree weather again, and I refuse to admit it, so I’m in my normal Rocky training gear (aka – gray sweats). 🥊 2. I took a ceiling fan out of my bedroom and…

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Why I almost Quit Profit First

Doing Profit First Wrong First, a “doing it wrong” story. “stop. stop. stop. You’re going to take someone’s eye out. Besides, you’re saying it wrong. It’s Wingardium Levi-o-sa! not Levio-sah.” My niece and nephew are reading the Harry Potter books for the first time! 👏 After they read a book, we watch the corresponding movie.…

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Delegate to Price for Profit

Tina talks about delegating to price for profit

Here’s a story of my journey to pricing for profit…So, I bought a house this year. Yay! Profit First! 🥳During the inspection, prior to the sale, this, that, and a few other things popped up on the inspection report.✅ this✅ that✅ a few other thingsI sought advice and asked for repair estimates.I put a little…

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