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I like money as much as the next gal. Especially when it allows me to build dreams and help other people. But I never would have described my business profit margin as sexy…

Until I met Steve Bousquet.

It was a group event. There were disco balls, a dance floor, and lots of mirrors.

The perfect setting for serious business insights.

Somewhere between Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” I overheard the words, “and that’s why you need a sexy, sexy profit margin.”

Despite the music volume, our entire group laughed and then stood transfixed, begging Steve to say more.

So Steve Bousquet began schooling us all on healthy business profit margins, using Profit First.

He started with what profit levels translate into business liquidation.

No one wants that!

Then he moved into the numbers where you can start investing in new business growth so that you can take care of your family. And according to Steve, that’s what makes a healthy profit margin super sexy.

Now, Steve knows what he’s talking about when it comes to liquidation and profitability, and he has the scars to prove it. He founded American Lawn Science and Landscaping in 1984, and now runs an incredibly profitable company. However, at one point, Steve thought his best option was to run away to Alaska and live off the grid to escape his creditors. He only hoped his wife and kids would come with him and live as fugitives.

At that moment, he decided things had to change. So, he began a years-long journey of learning about good business profitability. Now he’s teaching everyone else so they don’t have to take the long road to good business growth.

Want to learn how Steve creates sexy, sexy profit margins in his business?

Watch the interview with Steve Bousquet here.



Here are a few quotes you might enjoy from our interview:

“If you’re competitive in your business, and you use Profit First, you’re going to be ahead of 95% of all small businesses in the country.”

“I’ve had people insisting they can do it on 35% gross profit margin, and within 6 – 12 months, they’re doing a liquidation.”

When asked by other business owners, “Do I really need to open all the PF accounts?”
Steve responds, “In your refrigerator, you have shelves, and you have drawers. Why is that helpful? Well, I know where everything is when I need it. I know when I’m out of stuff. I think if we can do that with our lettuce and our milk, we probably want to understand our money and know where it’s going.”

Because of Steve and other members of the Profit First community, I’m now working with a pretty sexy profit margin myself. And it has helped me sleep better at night, be a nicer person, and continue to grow.

I believe every business owner deserves that kind of life too.

Here’s to growing your sexy, sexy profit margin, so you can take care of your family and do more life!

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