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I always talk about building a more profitable business so you can do more life. And because I’m me, that message tends to look like ice skating in a care bear costume.

I take my responsibilities of being a fun aunt v-seriously!

And yet…I was talking to some business owners about my passion this past week. To partner with women who want to create financial abundance so they can serve more people and do more life. And when I told them why, they asked why in the world I don’t talk more about that!

So here’s the story…

I was tired of seeing the brilliant, caregiving ladies in my life eat crumbs from the table of entrepreneurship. See, the women I love working with are natural caregivers. They care for people they serve in their work, and they care for their families. Often, they’re juggling how to do both well.

And I’ve been determined to find avenues for us to flourish together in business as we flourish together in life. I’ve found creating margin in their business finances and their time makes it possible to excel in both areas. Their work gets the best of what they have to offer and so do their families.

That’s one reason I never wanted to go back to work in a corporate office. That setting wouldn’t have allowed me to care for my Gran every week once she was diagnosed with dementia and needed 24 hr supervision. I couldn’t bear to see her locked away in a memory wing of a communal care ward. She was still vibrant and able to do most life activities. She just needed someone to be sure she didn’t get confused about where the bathroom was.

Doing More Life For Gran (& Myself)

My Gran was the ultimate caregiver. She had sacrificed her entire life for her family. When the opportunity presented itself, I wanted to honor her life of giving to others, by giving to her. And I needed to figure out a way to do that while working so I could care for myself.

The ladies that work on our team and most of our clients have similar stories. They have children or parents or spouses or causes they want to serve. And at the same time, they have brilliant minds, capable of generating life-changing ideas and economic wealth.

I know the world will be a better place because of their work and their commitment to family…their commitment to doing life.

I decided we CAN create a “both and” world when we do it together. That’s our mission.

Women helping women generate more margin in their business so they can do more life.

And sometimes life looks like an ice skating care bear. But most of the time, it looks like love, support, and affection for the people in our lives who need it most.

Creative Team of Women

We are a team of care-giving women building websites to generate margin in your business. And it is our greatest joy when that margin lets you serve more people and do more life.

Whether you work with us or not, we’d love to celebrate your wins with you on your journey to doing more life. Shoot me a note about what “doing more life” looks like for you as you create higher margins in your business.

We. 👏 Are. 👏 Here for it. 👏

The world is already a better place because of you!

Tina signature

p.s. – Here’s my Gran. She liked being a little naughty just like me. My sister bought her this apron. I helped her wear it. She was Wonder Woman to me. Missing you, Gran, since 2020. And one day, when I grow up, I want to be just like you! ❤️

Gran Funnies

Gran: I’m gonna get me one of those swings as soon as I get steadified.

Me: 😂😂😂 Gran, what is steadified?

Gran: You know, when I’m settled in one place and not having to move around so much.

Me: 😂😂😂

Gran: You know, you’re liable to get intelligent if you hang around me long enough.

Me: You’re right about that! I sure am.

Here’s to growing a “steadified,” high-margin business.

p.p.s. – furnituregate update…it’s been delivered!!! Just serves as a reminder that “things are working on your behalf even when you can’t see them.” I often have to remind myself that I said that. 😂 Take this as your reminder too. There’s a whole lot of good coming your way, even if you don’t see it yet!

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