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Plant now to get the SEO results your business deserves!

Springtime is officially here! 💃🏻🌷

I can tell because all the birds chirp loudly in the mornings about their new loves.

Plus, they’re stealing the window basket filler to make their nests! Maybe I should be irritated, but instead I just chuckle about how creative they get in finding what they need to grow their families.

And while it looks like there are a few more below freezing temp nights 🥶 in our future here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I’ve started planting. I couldn’t resist!

I popped a few seeds right into the ground (the sweet peas and kale are surviving the cold so far). And there are little toilet paper rolls of seeds in soil all over my garden work table inside. (Next year maybe there’s a greenhouse project in my future 😍???)

Plus, I started some carrots a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve kept them under cover. I peaked today, and the little carrot tops look great!

I’m following the garden plan I put together at the beginning of winter, so by summer, I should be raking in the produce. 🫰👩‍🌾

The coolest thing I’ve seen this week – there were seeds I planted last year that have started poking through the ground this year. They didn’t germinate last year, but this year, they decided the conditions were right.

Not to mention perennials like the tulips, bluebells, strawberries and russian sage.

In springtime, you see the fruits of your labor from the year (or years!) before peaking through the ground.

And truly, looking in the garden is ALWAYS a business lesson for me.

The same is happening with my business this season. I toiled away on some SEO projects last year. Some tactics looked like they weren’t working last year when we started. But guess what?

Turns out the SEO results are rolling in!

I took a peak at the analytics of one of our ongoing SEO clients today. And when I saw the results, I had to make sure it wasn’t bots or spam! But these are real people searching for real services this client offers. And I know this because it’s turning into REAL DOLLARS for the client in new purchases! 🤑

SEO Results

Their organic search traffic is up 87k% year-over-year!

Percentages need context, so let’s talk about real numbers. That’s thousands more visitors to their website this month than the year before – ALL from organic search.

And because we had already worked on their messaging and landing pages, that traffic is translating directly into revenue.

Let’s talk real revenue numbers. So far this March, with 11 days left in the month, their revenue is already up 28% over their revenue from the entire month of March last year.


And that’s all from work we’ve done over the last year to bring more visitors to their website, to grow their bottom line.

So, let me ask…

What would your business look like if you had thousands of visitors to your website one year from now? What would it feel like to increase your revenue by 28% year over year?

Now is the season to plant, if you want those kinds of SEO results.

If you want help planting seeds today to harvest website traffic in the next seasons, we can help.

Grab an SEO audit of your website traffic. Our audit report will show you what it would take to rake in the RIGHT search traffic to start growing your business while you sleep.

👉 Get a Site Audit

You’ll get a list of ways to improve your website traffic right away, PLUS a roadmap for content that will grow your traffic (and your revenue) into harvest seasons for years to come.

Now, maybe you don’t get excited about organic website traffic. If you don’t, that’s okay!

But here’s the lesson.

Springtime = planting season. Pick a marketing growth tactic, and start planting. Take consistent action over time, and your business WILL grow. And remember, results take time.

Here’s to getting even more twitterpated about this planting season in our business!

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p.s. I got to hang out with Michalowicz last week. He told me to tell you hi! Plus, he said I could give you the first 2 chapters of his book The Pumpkin Plan, for FREE. All it took was a secret handshake, and the deal was struck.

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The secret handshake looked a little like this in case you were wondering…

p.p.s. there’s a fun bonus picture of Mike on the thank you page waiting for you with your chapter downloads, so don’t miss it! And don’t be shocked. These are just the kinds of things we do when we get together. We can’t help it. #sorrynotsorry

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