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When I was in Kindergarten, all the kids had to draw a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up. After we completed our “artwork,” we hung our crayon drawings on the wall for our parents to see at the upcoming parent-teacher conferences.

As my parents walked down the hall, Mrs. George pointed to my drawing of a big-haired lady, with a microphone, on stage behind a podium. And just so there was no confusion that maybe I wanted to hold a TedTalk 😉 or sing or even recite poetry, I had written my vocation in all caps at the top of the page.



I wanted to be a preacher when I grew up. This story still makes me chuckle…but I’ve found life has a funny way of fulfilling our elementary aspirations.So, what in the world does that mean? Am I preaching now?Well, sort of. 😂 (Aside – Preaching is defined as “publicly proclaiming or earnestly advocating…”)Instead of “thumping a Bible” I’m on a mission to make sure your website isn’t keeping you from growing your business.

I’ve spent the entire last year working with people who build websites for a living. And to my surprise, when I take a peak behind the website curtains, I usually find a few technical things that are keeping their websites from working.

Here’s the kicker… most marketing pros don’t even know anything is wrong.

That’s because their specialty is messaging, design, differentiation – you get the point. And they’re amazing at what they do! There just aren’t a lot of creatives who get down and nerdy for you.

The thing is – business owners spend a LOT of money on their websites.

My current mission is to make sure you’re not accidentally throwing money out the window. I want you to stop unwittingly sabotaging your marketing genius with a website that doesn’t work right. Instead, I want your website to perform FOR you, ON PURPOSE! (Now that’ll preach! 😉)

That’s why I buckled down for the last few months and built an online course for how to stage, build, test, and launch your website right. It will help you avoid all the website mistakes I see even the pros make. And I’m launching a Beta version of it on April 6th, where I’m inviting only 15 people to participate.

You can Save a Seat (without any obligation to buy) by registering here. Registering just means you’ll be the first to know what’s what.

Now, you might be thinking, I don’t want to learn how to build websites. And that is a-okay! 👌 Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sending tips, tricks, checklists, and more about all things marketing (e.g. messaging, websites, email, design, etc.). So you can stay tuned for those goodies.

But if you know someone who…

✨ needs to build a website,
✨ builds websites for a living,
✨ or just works on websites on the reg (ahem – almost any virtual assistant ever)…

shoot them this super sweet invite to make sure they get on the list to get it right.

At the very least, they’ll walk away with some tips, checklists, and other resources to make their website (and marketing) work better for their own businesses or those they serve.

Next up – messaging tools that help you talk just like your favorite clients. Okay, talk soon!

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