Why Your StoryBrand Website Doesn’t Work – Traffic

Tina reads the book Get Different

“My StoryBrand website isn’t working!” I still have people reach out to me regularly to let me know they aren’t getting results from their new StoryBrand website. Or maybe they’re just looking at a newly built website, whether they’re using StoryBrand or not. And they want help troubleshooting the “problem.” If you’re like most business…

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My Favorite Building a StoryBrand Quotes

Tina reading the Building a StoryBrand book

Building a StoryBrand bBuilding a StoryBrand by Donald Miller is one of my favorite business books. I read it 6 years ago, and I still reference it almost daily. Because it’s been so powerful in creating website messages for clients that turn into revenue, I wanted to share some of my favorite Building a Storybrand…

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Getting The Right Marketing Message To Your People

Are you reaching the right people with your marketing message?  Let me set the scene… You walk into a stuffy, overheated elevator in a bustling downtown building. Although there is another rider in the elevator, you push the button to the 14th floor and face forward minding your own business. As the elevator rises and…

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Are Background Videos Killing Your Website?

background video recording in progress

Background videos in a website header. Good idea? or Killer idea, in the worst possible way? Here’s some information to help you decide. The use of videos in the digital marketing industry isn’t a new thing. It only continues to evolve and become more popular, and with good reason. Statistics show that about 88 percent of…

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Website ROI Timeline: How Long Until I See a Return?

little guy unhappy on road trip

Website ROI Timeline – Are we there yet? I have heard, on more than one occasion, the following from a client. “I’m still not seeing a return from my website. What did we do wrong?” Daddys Home2 Daddys Home2gifs GIFfrom Daddys Home2 GIFs So, let’s talk some of the most important numbers to consider when…

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Born to Preach

When I was in Kindergarten, all the kids had to draw a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up. After we completed our “artwork,” we hung our crayon drawings on the wall for our parents to see at the upcoming parent-teacher conferences. As my parents walked down the hall, Mrs. George…

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