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Ready to build a business that allows you to do more life?

I’ve been feeling a little antsy. I ordered living room furniture for my new house back in July. And it still hasn’t arrived.

I found out a couple of weeks ago, it might never arrive. The company is going through a purchase of assets, and the new owner of the brand has no obligation to fulfill previous orders.

Le sigh!

And while I’ve been waiting for my furniture delivery, I’ve been using these lovely UGA lawn chairs when guests come over. I even decorated them with Christmas throw pillows. GO DAWGS!

So, when my sister and her kids invited me to go with them to Universal to experience Harry Potter world for the first time, I responsibly declined. My big cash investment this quarter might turn out to be buying new furniture I’ve already bought.

Having a 14-year-old nephew though, Harry Potter and sports are the only topics that evoke more than a yes, no, or shrug right now…well, and ginger cookies.

That’s why, when the kids said, let’s dress up as Potter characters for Halloween, of course, I was IN! THRILLED to play the villain Bellatrix LeStrange to their hero Gryffindor characters.

It’s been a year of reading the books and watching the movies together. So, you can imagine this trip to Universal would have been the capstone of our Potter adventures.

I was excited for them to go, but oh how I wanted to be there with them! There’s nothing like watching kids experience things for the first time and making memories together. Plus, it’s another arrow in the conversation quiver when it comes to awkward silences with a teenager. “Remember that time when we rode Hagrid’s Motorbike…” comes in handy in a pinch.

Plot twist!

At the last minute last week, my sister discovered some old tickets to Universal they had been gifted back in 2005! She called Universal, and guess what?!?? They were useable! Then she and my brother-in-law made all the arrangements for my mom and I to join them for one day of Potter adventures with the kids. She called and asked, could I make it?

In the previous 7 years of running this business, I still would have said no because… last minute. Meetings. Work. Let’s face it, this business owned me, not the other way around.

This time, I was able to say yes! Yes to doing more life with the people I love more than life.

It was absolutely magic 🪄, but it was the kind I had worked hard creating.

It wasn’t without some shuffling. And I absolutely could NOT have done this without a team of amazing people continuing to support our clients.

No matter what, I couldn’t have done this even a year ago.

Building a Business That Works For Me

The only way I was able to make this happen was because of all the blood, sweat, and tears I’ve put into figuring out how. I got very determined not to let the tail wag the dog any longer.

Through some coaching with the Tap the Potential team, frameworks from the Michaloverse (that’s the Mike Michalowicz business building universe for the uninitiated), and challenging accountability partners (aka – the Fempire – ladies’ marketing mastermind) I’ve fought my way to building a business that gives life instead of takes it.

Like Dr. Sabrina of Tap the Potential always says, “Work supports life, not the other way around.”

If you want help creating a little magic of your own…and I mean building a business that creates opportunities for you to do more life, we would be honored to help!

Here are three ways we can start helping right away:

  1. Use our FREE resources to help build a profitable business so you can do more life.
  2. If you want help finding your people, messaging like you’re reading their minds, or figuring out where to start first, grab a spot on our calendar for a 30 minute strategy sesh.


  1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for FREE content on business, marketing, and website growth. (Plus, learn from The Fempire and beyond – we have a whole series of interviews with our lady marketing owner friends! and more to come!)

The question is, do you believe in magic? The kind you create for yourself and those you love?

I do! And I believe in you.

Whether you work with us, follow some other framework, or maverick your own way to success, I know you are capable.

How do I know this? Because if I can figure out how to do this with a little help from my friends, you can too.

Here’s to doing more life this year!

p.s. I’m headed to see Michalowicz again in March. If you have questions you wish he’d answer, let me know in the comments. 

p.p.s. I’ll keep you posted on sofa-gate, so if you’re into dramedy, stay tuned.

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