Trusting The Experts

Building and giving trust is not always easy, but there is a reason they are called experts! A couple of months ago I stepped onto my back deck, and my foot started to go through the boards. I immediately called for professional help. These guys are highly referred, and I’ve seen their work in action.…

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Are Background Videos Killing Your Website?

background video recording in progress

Background videos in a website header. Good idea? or Killer idea, in the worst possible way? Here’s some information to help you decide. The use of videos in the digital marketing industry isn’t a new thing. It only continues to evolve and become more popular, and with good reason. Statistics show that about 88 percent of…

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The 5 Most Important Things You Need in a Web Hosting Provider

Website Tips from Creative Cat Last Saturday, Creative Cat shared the Top 5 Things You Need from a Web Hosting Provider. If you missed Creative Caturday, on our Instagram channel, don’t worry. We’ve put her list together for you here. #1 – Free web hosting   When we tell people they should be getting free…

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