Back to Basics: Here’s why Marketing Fundamentals are Best Practice

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Don’t Forget the Marketing Fundamentals: A Rookie Mistake Case Study

Avoid my rookie mistakes by revisiting the marketing fundamentals.

You know what I spend a LOT of time doing? Marketing for people like you.

When it comes to my own stuff, my time is limited. So, sometimes I say, hey, is it good enough? Then let ‘er rip.

I walk a fine line of tweaking until perfect vs getting something out into the world to make sure I’m showing up.

And look, showing up is half the battle sometimes. Visibility ain’t nuthin’. The more times people see my name, the more they’ll recognize me when they need me.

“Aren’t you the website nerd girl? Just so happens, this thing on my website isn’t working for me. Can you help?

Showing up has led to that 👆 exact conversation pretty regularly.

However, I’m a fan of getting the most bang for your buck. I get meticulous about my work for clients…finding tiny things I can change that will move the engagement or conversion needle forward.

Turns out, sometimes when I focus on just showing up in my own marketing, I make some rookie mistakes.

Good news? I get to write these posts so you get reminded about the right way to do things.

Enter latest rookie mistake…enjoy…bring popcorn…

Avoid this Rookie Marketing Mistake

I ran an ad with aliens on it and talked about getting more visitors to your website. (I would love to take credit for the ad idea, but one of my teammates did all the work on that one! Good job, team!)

View of facebook ad with alien ship over text about wanting more visitors

Lots of people liked it. (Who doesn’t love a good alien reference? amirite?)

Lots of people clicked the ad.

Lots of people left once they got to the landing page. (See version 1 below.)

Ad Landing page Version 1

In order to save time, I had put together a generic landing page for people to get free resources to speed up their website. We ran several ads, testing what message worked best.

The aliens ad was winning the clicks.

Still the conversion rate was abysmal. Only 23% of people who clicked that ad, ON PURPOSE, actually downloaded the FREE resources.

Maybe you’ve already spotted a clear issue. But any ideas about the little rookie mistake that cost me a LOT of extra ad money?

If you said, the page doesn’t match the ad, you #nailedit.

We took a look at the numbers, and then made the landing page match the ad that was getting the clicks. (duh! That duh’s for me, not for you.)

updated alien landing page with matching photo and text

Ad Landing Page Version 2


Downloads increased to 46%. With one change.


Ads are expensive. So, don’t make my rookie mistake.

Keep Things Matchy-Matchy

Make your landing page match your ad, so users know they’ve landed in the right place and don’t get confused after they click.

Like the StoryBrand Don always says, “if you confuse, you lose.”

Little changes can give you BIG results. Make sure you’re getting the most out of the work you’ve already done!

Need some marketing fundamentals advice on work you’ve already done?

You can borrow my brain for an hour or 5, and I’ll give you a list of small changes that can deliver big results.

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