Adding Video to Your Content Strategy

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Including video in your marketing schedule is an easy way for potential clients to get to know who you are quickly and how you can help make their lives better. People do business with people, not companies.

Types of video to include in your strategy:

  • How-To Videos: Take viewers through the ins and outs of how your product or service works
  • Interview your staff: What unique knowledge or skill-set do the members of your team possess? Share it!
  • Customer testimonials: Referrals are the fastest, most effective way to grow your business, and you probably have a few fans out there.
  • Tell your story: Why did you start you company? What’s your passion? People buy ideas, not products.

Tips on creating great video content:

  • Listen to your audience! What are they talking about? What are they interested in? Look at inboxes… what kind of questions are they asking your salespeople? Feed the need!
  • Got stats to share? Make them visual, dynamic and exciting!
  • Video is digestible and shareable… Create clever branding videos that educate and delight!

Including video in your rotation of posts also diversifies the type of content you’re offering and draws in a bigger audience.


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