Inspiration from the Inside Out

Read about unexpected benefits of reusing content below or Listen right here 👇   You know I’ve really been cozying up to winter over the past few weeks. And last week, I talked about reusing old content. Kindergarten me dreamed of being a preacher growing up. And grown up me, is practicing what I’m preaching.…

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Contractions In Business Writing? And Other Marketing “Faux Pas”

Man at laptop doing marketing writing for website

Why Breaking Writing Rules Can Grow Your Business Today I had a client, a professional writer, ask me about using contractions. Should she use contractions in her brand story document. It sparked thoughts about other technical writing faux pas. Don’t we professionals regularly use them in marketing? (Gasp!) What’s right and what’s wrong? And how…

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Just say no – Strategies for Saying No to clients you love

Growing up in the 80s, I remember Nancy Reagan’s campaign to keep us off drugs. The slogan was, let’s say it together… “JUST SAY NO.” Catchy, right? Easy to remember, as we’re demonstrating here. Great for putting on a button. But I do wonder how practical it was. Thinking back, I don’t remember any tactics…

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Getting The Right Marketing Message To Your People

Are you reaching the right people with your marketing message?  Let me set the scene… You walk into a stuffy, overheated elevator in a bustling downtown building. Although there is another rider in the elevator, you push the button to the 14th floor and face forward minding your own business. As the elevator rises and…

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Lesson in Sales: How to Win with a Strong Call to Action

Wanna grab a cup of coffee

A strong call to action can mean the difference between winning and losing the deal. And that’s just one part of a strong sales process. Take a look below for a story about one company who is serving more customers and closing more deals because they are getting their sales process right. And here’s a…

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