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Rest isn’t a dirty word!

Do you ever look back on childhood and sigh, “if only I had known how great that was”?

I think that every time my little nephew takes a nap.

And then, sometimes, I think, “wait, I’m an adult. I’m in charge of me!” So I just take one with him. 😴

(Other times I just wonder who’s in charge of me. 😝)

Feels like a lot of business growth experts think the 4-letter R-word is dirty.


My chest tightens every time I hear hustle, hustle, hustle, profit.

But nature shows us rest stimulates growth. And neuroscience confirms that’s particularly true when…

a – number 1 – we’re learning new things


b – number 2 – we’re trying to solve problems – especially while we’re in the middle of them.

You’ve heard the saying, “it’s tough to see the forest for the trees.” That’s because you’re in the middle of it. Resting provides an opportunity to take a step back. To get out of the thick of it and get perspective.

I’ve been talking about what happens to the soil when it rests during winter. There’s still a lot of work happening. Building connections. Sourcing necessary nutrients. And we can learn from nature and do similar things in our marketing to supercharge our growth periods.

Winter is the perfect opportunity for us to rest so we can understand and connect the dots in our business and our lives.

If you know me well, you know I’m a Huberfan. That just means, I love learning from Dr. Andrew Huberman, a neurobiologist focused on neural plasticity. He talks a LOT about ways we can help our brains learn faster, figure things out, and increase performance.

Here’s a 5-minute podcast snippet from an interview with Dr. H and Simon Hill on learning faster when you rest. You should watch it because…science.

Resting allows our brains to build connections and make sense of what’s happening.

So, if you find yourself trying to make sense out of a complicated situation, it’s the perfect time to rest.

Try it, and I’ll bet you’ll see connections you didn’t realize were there before.

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p.s. I mentioned my friend Casey to you in my last email. Yup, she’s the one who said she didn’t have time to digest my big, sexy brain in one sitting. If you want to meet her, we got together to talk about mistakes people make on their websites when they use the StoryBrand framework.


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