Winter Action Tip #4: Cutting Out Bad Business

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We’re in the final month of winter. And our final winter action items ignite my deepest resistance.

Cutting out the bad, and letting go of the good.

I’ve started cutting, pruning, and trimming in my garden.

Cutting feels easy. Take out the dead, diseased, and dangerous. Like that dead limb hanging over my shed. No problem. Gone.

Quick swipe of the pole saw.


Plus, using a pole saw makes me feel strong, rugged, and a little dangerous myself, in the most delightful way.

Cutting things out of my business used to feel dangerous too, but not in a good way. After all, SOME revenue is better than no revenue, right?

Turns out, that wasn’t true. There were plenty of times SOME revenue was much, much worse than no revenue.

I’m talking about saying yes to projects just to get money in the door. Many times those were the very projects that took 10 times the amount of time to fulfill and the clients were unhappy with the results. That left me feeling like my work was subpar (even when it was great) and wondering why I had wasted so much time bending over backward to “help somebody out.”

If that’s your struggle, I found mindset work to be the most effective tool for me to “cut” things out of my business.

Questions to help you cut

Questions that help me make the right decisions now include…

  • Does this align with the work I want my business to do? (OR – “does it fit?” Thank you Dr Amen 🙏)
  • What do I end up missing if I say yes this?
  • Am I saying yes because I NEED this or because I WANT this? (Desperation almost never leads to positive results.)

I 💯 understand, “easier said than done,” when cash flow dips.

Believe me. I still have my days where I second guess saying no.

And yet, my biggest moments of growth have happened when I’ve shifted my decision making mindset.

New Mindset

I’ve found making decisions from scarcity keeps me poor. BUT, I thrive when I make decisions from a place of abundance.

I’m getting so much better at saying no to the things that don’t fit. But that’s definitely required knowing something else first…

I had to know what I actually want.

Uh oh!

Don’t feel attacked if that’s you! That was a HUGE struggle for me for a LONG time. I wanted “better,” but I had no idea how to clearly articulate what that meant.

Need help articulating what you want in your business?

Now that I know what I want, it’s easier to say no to what doesn’t fit…even when I don’t see what DOES fit yet.

Cutting Bad Business Reminders

Our words have power. Our thoughts are internal words. That’s why I’m a big believer in affirmations to help me cut the bad from my business and my life.

Here are some affirmations that help me say no or cut away the business that needs to go.

  • There’s no need to compete with other marketers because there is more than enough business for all of us to thrive. The right business will come to you. Let’s celebrate the success of others!
  • Releasing what’s not working gives you more room. And girl, you need LOTS of room for all the good that’s making it’s way to you.
  • You have everything you need right when you need it. Enjoy this moment of enough.
  • Struggle produces grit and character. You are learning what you need to grow.

Feel free to use these affirmations yourself. Or just grab your pole saw and cut out what doesn’t align. I bet you’ll feel strong, rugged, and maybe even deliciously dangerous. 😉💪

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p.s. You know what’s way more scary than cutting what doesn’t belong? Letting go of what’s good. But that’s a story for next week.

p.p.s. Need help figuring out what you should cut? Take our quiz to see what’s keeping you from serving people you love while doing what you’re born to do.


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