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Need answers to your pressing tax questions?


There’s something about taxes that make me feel like I want to be in the mob. Like when my tax advisor (aka – Profit First Professional) asks me how I want this or that related to taxes, I always think, “I don’t wanna know about it.”

Truly, my standard answer to a tax question…it’s one I don’t say out loud… is, “leave the gun, take the cannoli.”

Why do I avoid these questions so much? 🤔

Because it’s taxes! Something we all dread. Even more than the Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride.

But the thing is, taxes are as unavoidable as your close-talker uncle at holiday gatherings. You walk in. You deal with it for a short period of time once a year. And then you push them off on your unsuspecting, newly minted, brother-in-law who doesn’t have problems explaining acceptable boundaries in social, family settings. Good fun for the whole family.

That’s why you have a Profit First and Tax Professional to guide you and Keep it Simple!

Profit First Tax Professionals Can Help

Before I met my Profit First Professional Linda Stapf, I had the following questions:

  1. Should I spend more money so I don’t have to pay any taxes?
  2. When does it make sense for me to become an S-corp? And what if I can’t afford to pay myself a “regular” wage yet?
  3. I have money in my tax account for Profit First. What should I be using that money to do?

Since I had these questions, I assumed other business owners had them too. So, I decided to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

I took these questions to my tax expert, Linda Stapf. And I figured you guys could come along as well. The more the merrier!

Here’s what she had to say.



To borrow a phrase from The Godfather, “I have learned more from Linda than in any classroom.” And thank goodness she loves doing this stuff.

If you need a Linda in your life, you can find her at StapfFinancial.com

She makes tax stuff feel easy!

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