ChatGPT got you worried?

Blogging with ChatGPT

ChatGPT got you worried? I gave it a test to write this email… A couple of years ago, I recorded a video about the importance of website load speed and asked ChatGPT to write an email, following my transcript, and using the style from my blog articles. I was lively and fun in the video. I had…

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Why Your StoryBrand Website Doesn’t Work – Traffic

Tina reads the book Get Different

“My StoryBrand website isn’t working!” I still have people reach out to me regularly to let me know they aren’t getting results from their new StoryBrand website. Or maybe they’re just looking at a newly built website, whether they’re using StoryBrand or not. And they want help troubleshooting the “problem.” If you’re like most business…

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Springtime – Planting Season – SEO Results

Plant now to get the SEO results your business deserves! Springtime is officially here! 💃🏻🌷 I can tell because all the birds chirp loudly in the mornings about their new loves. Plus, they’re stealing the window basket filler to make their nests! Maybe I should be irritated, but instead I just chuckle about how creative…

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Winter Action Tip #4 (Part 2): Pruning & Trimming

Time for pruning and trimming… Remember my pole saw from last week? Good thing I have power tools! I cut down the dead branches closest to my house a couple of weeks ago, just in time for the 2 tornado warnings last week. I didn’t actually see a cyclone, but the winds did get up…

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My Favorite Building a StoryBrand Quotes

Tina reading the Building a StoryBrand book

Building a StoryBrand bBuilding a StoryBrand by Donald Miller is one of my favorite business books. I read it 6 years ago, and I still reference it almost daily. Because it’s been so powerful in creating website messages for clients that turn into revenue, I wanted to share some of my favorite Building a Storybrand…

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Winter Tip #3 – Building Connection

It is all about building connection! “um, I’m gonna need some context here…” That was a recent text from my brother-in-law. I sent my sister and brother-in-law a text last week. It was the code to unlock my phone. “in case I go missing,” my text read. Now my brother-in-law knows I have a true…

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Inspiration from the Inside Out

Read about unexpected benefits of reusing content below or Listen right here 👇   You know I’ve really been cozying up to winter over the past few weeks. And last week, I talked about reusing old content. Kindergarten me dreamed of being a preacher growing up. And grown up me, is practicing what I’m preaching.…

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Contractions In Business Writing? And Other Marketing “Faux Pas”

Man at laptop doing marketing writing for website

Why Breaking Writing Rules Can Grow Your Business Today I had a client, a professional writer, ask me about using contractions. Should she use contractions in her brand story document. It sparked thoughts about other technical writing faux pas. Don’t we professionals regularly use them in marketing? (Gasp!) What’s right and what’s wrong? And how…

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